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Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church has a goal to equip others with a balanced experience of "knowing" and "knowing how." How can we as Christians defend our Faith when we don't have the proper knowledge and training to gain a life that is pleasing to the Father? There is more to being a Christian than just giving God your heart and your new pastor your right-hand in fellowship, there is work to do. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few, God has a purpose and plan for all of us! But we cannot understand God's purpose for our lives unless, we must have "rooted and grounded," Bible-based training to enhance  our commitments to a more pleasing Christ-centered life. We have that for you here at SGMBC through the sound-doctrine teaching in Baptist Training Union, Teachers' meeting, and Bible Study. Join us for our weekly services.

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 Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church

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Dr. Victor L. Harkins, Sr.

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Bro. Victor L. Harkins, Jr.

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